You guys, we get a lot of messages and emails and questions about classes and what even the heck it is we do here at our little nest. Yoga can be intimidating, especially if you’re contemplating coming to a class on your own. When some folks hear the word yoga, they automatically assume we’re putting everyone in crazy headstands, chanting kumbaya, lighting candles, burning bras, and crunching on kale. So, we’re here to dispel some of those rumors and encourage the rest of you curious local birds to join in the fun.

We’ve narrowed down the doubts and fears and questions we hear most for you right here, with 5 things you might not know about yoga at Rare Bird Studio…

  1. We laugh…a lot. We laugh with you, not at you. We laugh because we like to have a good time. We laugh because this life and this work and this community bring us joy. We laugh because we’re hashtag blessed. And we also laugh because sometimes we’re not graceful swans and we fall and we say inappropriate things.
  2. There’s no chanting here. Yeah, we’re that studio. We’ve built an inclusive environment here, where we take a more mainstream approach to yoga. You can still expect a beautifully relaxing savasana to end your practice, but you don’t have to worry about spiritual jargon and chanting during any of your classes.
  3. We’re not going to make you do headstands and flips and whatnot. Now, if you can kill a good handstand or a forearm stand, embrace it. You go Glen Coco! You, my friend, are amazing. But, those aren’t things we incorporate in our standard flows for classes. Even without an epic handstand, you’ll still leave class having been challenged and quite frankly, feeling like a total badass.
  4. We like good music. We can’t help it. The music is in us. (Some of the instructors here just crank it up a little louder than others.) We are 100% rare birds, through and through…you’ll likely hear anything from Frank Sinatra to the Foo Fighters to Kanye all throughout the week. And it’s not uncommon to hear a fellow bird singing their asana off (see what I did there) in the middle of a warrior series. Birds sing, so it’s a thing. Right?
  5. There’s literally something for everyone. Whether you want to break a sweat, stretch out your tight muscles from your weekly runs, or escape reality with some deep stretching and guided imagery, there’s a place for you here. From the beginners who have never even rolled out a yoga mat to the experienced yogis who practice at home everyday, we welcome you with open arms…errrr wings.

If you’re even remotely nervous about showing up by yourself or just joining in on a class in general, don’t you worry your pretty little head. Our instructors love seeing new faces and will make sure you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in the door.

We are all here, in this together. One flock. Wild birds and free birds.
Seeing, feeling, breathing. Finding beauty in the rare.

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