Last week we gave you guys a chance to meet our other instructors. But it’s a new week and the New Year is right around the corner. Maybe you’re thinking about resolutions. And maybe one of your resolutions is to pop into a yoga class at that new studio in Clarkesville and meet the Rare Birds who own the joint. And if you are going to join a class you probably want to know what each class is like, and what you can expect. Look no further dear friends. Below, we have listed each of our classes and we are going to give you a look into what each class is like so you can make an informed decision.

*All of our classes are all levels, but there are some that are more difficult than others. Regardless of which one you choose, each of our instructors can always offer modifications whenever you need.


We think this class is great for absolute beginners and the most advance yogi. And while this class is not fast paced, it’s also great for athletes, or those used to a fast paced fitness routine. This class offers a very calm and relaxed environment. Shelby begins the class with some great meditation and imagery before moving into the poses. Here you will be taking gentle stretches and longer holds to target deep connective tissue and release stored tension. Our connective tissue takes time to respond, which is why you will be holding these poses for longer than you might normally expect. The music is calming, and Shelby has this amazing ability to talk you right into a dream world.


We like to recommend this class to beginners or those looking to increase their flexibility but also need a bit of strength building. Here you kind of get the best of both worlds. For the first have of this class, the Vin if you will ;), you will work on strength building. There could be anything from lunges, to plank work, to balance work. There is typically a warrior series thrown in as well. Moving into the second half of class is where the Yin comes in. Here the class slows down and you move into deep stretches. You won’t hold the yin poses in this class as long as you typically would, but you will still get to experience some really good stretches!

Flow Diggity

This class is great for those looking to work it and sweat to some bumping beats. Expect a mixture of pilates and yoga. A typical class involves sun salutations, a warrior series, core work, and some plank work. This class is designed to increase your strength and flexibility. If you enjoy old school hip-hop you will love this class. There’s just something about singing along to gangster’s paradise that makes lunges less brutal 😉


Our vinyasa class is power yoga inspired. You will be flowing through your movements with your breath, linking the two together. Each class begins with a gentle warm up before you move into a series of flows that include warrior postures, balancing, core, and plank work thrown in for good measure. The playlist for this class is more eclectic (Ed Sheeran, Tom Petty, Ellie Goulding, and Johnnyswim to name a few), and each section matches the rhythm of the class. And as always, singing is encouraged in all of our classes.


This class is by far our most intense class. You will WORK IT, but you will also have so much fun. This class isn’t all crunches. Here you are going to work your core muscles as well as the muscles surrounding your core. You can expect targeted ab work, as well as lunges, squats, and planks (we love our planks around here). The playlist changes every so often but there’s something for everyone (country, rap, pop, it’s all on there).

Relax To The Max

This class is the chillest of the chill. We like to call this one the adult naptime because it’s just so relaxing. This is our gentle restorative class. You will be using a bolster (basically a big pillow. We said adult naptime didn’t we?), blankets, and blocks. We go the whole nine yards with this one. In all the poses you do in this class you will be completely supported by the props. The goal here is to completely relax into the mat. We use candles and our calmest music to send you into a restful bliss.

Family Flow

This is a once a month event that we offer for parents of little ones. Every first Friday you can bring the kiddos along for a fun flow designed to get those wiggles out! The theme changes monthly and we always post it on social media for that month!

Weekend Wine Down

This is another once a month event. Here we offer a 45-minute yoga class followed by wine and snacks. This is a great one to get together your girl friends, date night, or your book club and just come laugh, and more importantly, drink wine.


So, now that you know the run down on our classes I might as well make it easy for you to check out our schedule and book your next class!

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