Yoga is for everybody.

Maybe you need to hear that again. Yoga is for EVERY BODY.

You guys, it’s not a circus in here. We’re not all folding like pretzels and doing handstands and scaling walls. And we’re not all up in here downdogging in our sports bras showing off our six packs (ahem, or lack thereof). We’re in here breathing and flowing and stretching and relaxing and strengthening and de-stressing and just trying to be better people.

And all those things. All of those beautiful things…the being better and the de-stressing and relaxing and such…that comes in waves. And it looks different for everyone. Some of us can walk over the threshold of the studio door and adjust our minds to zen mode, ready to roll out our mats and breathe deeply and let it all go without even a second thought of anything else that happened before we put on our yoga pants. And yet, others of us need a little boost to get to that this is bliss and I’ve already forgotten about my to-do list kind of space. We need to plank it out and breathe a lot and balance and plank some more and maybe roll our eyes a time or five before we can get (or trick, lol) our minds to that space of letting go.

Yoga is for everybody. And yoga looks different on everybody. Whether you’re flexible or not. Whether you’ve been healthy or athletic your entire life or you’re taking the first steps to making that a priority. Whether you’re a pro at planking or you’ve never even done a plank, you hate that word, and you don’t ever want to hear it again. Find what works for you, not what works for your bestie or that sweet human on the mat next to you. Find your own flow. And we’re here to help you do that…

Yin and Relax to the Max are both full on, plank-free, stretch it all out, let-it-all-go kinds of classes. Like, low light and soft music and blankets. Yeah, you heard us right. No down dogs either. Just juicy stretches and deep breathing and…You’re welcome.

VIN+YIN introduces all the downdogging and the planking, but not so much that you have time to get more than one good eye roll in. It’s just enough to bring a little Vinyasa into your life and just enough to let you get some Yin in your soul too. It’s really the best of both worlds. And a great class to try if you just don’t know where in the heck you should start.

Vinyasa puts a little more pep in your step. You won’t always have two feet on the ground at the same time, but you will feel like a total badass when you finally nail that half moon. We guarantee. And like in all of our classes, you can count on a legit, relaxing warm up and cool down and a well-deserved savasana at the end.

Flow Diggity. You may or may not break the teensiest of sweats. It’s super similar to Vinyasa, and the crazy legit, bumpin’ playlist…that’s partially to trick you into doing more work. (And now we’re telling all of our secrets. Dang it.)

Core strength is so essential for our bodies, our posture, and our backs. This one is a little endurance, a little cardio, and whole lotta awesome. You’ll be eager for savasana, if you catch our drift.

Local birds, we want you to feel at home here, so we encourage you to find your flow, and even try something new. And frequenting a mixture of all of these classes will create a really good, balanced practice for your mind and body. So, check out our schedule here to plan your next flow with us. See you on the mat soon!

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