We all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce. Sure, Bae probably has someone bringing her slippers in the morning and brewing her coffee, but, I mean, we get 24 hours. She gets 24 hours. We’re basically all on level playing field here, right?

We’ve talked about the benefits of yoga for your mental health, and what to expect when you’re here, and the importance of actually slowing down and making some time for you. You know you need some of this all up in your life, but the HOW is the hard part. Finding the time. Making it happen.

Time management is a struggle for humans all across the board. We find ourselves busier and busier, with less time for US. Now, there’s no magic formula to perfectly fitting a yoga class (or any workout) into your daily routine. But, we’re going to do what we can with what we have, where we are. And we’ve gotta start somewhere. So, these 3 tips should point you in the right direction…

  1. Ask for help. I know that’s not what you want to hear. But, you guys, it takes a village. Whether you’ve volunteered for too many activities and spread yourself too thin, or you need someone to watch the kiddos while you get an hour to yourself. Ask someone for help. Your spouse, your sister, your friend.
  2. Come right before or right after work. If you just don’t see the space in your normal schedule to move things around, or if you’re not all about asking folks for help (we’ll just have to work on that one later), stop by for a class on your way to work or right after you get off. Isn’t that what dry shampoo is for? And baby wipes, if we’re getting really real. Because I feel like we are.
  3. And if you’re still cringing at both of those options and you desperately need some sort of zen in your life, but you don’t have family in town and you stay at home with your kiddos during the day and you just can’t figure out how on earth you’re ever going to make a yoga class happen in this lifetime, bring your kids to Family Night. Every first Friday, we roll out our mats with our kiddos and all work out together. (Spoiler alert: December’s Fam Night may or may not involve post-yoga cookies and cocoa!)

Friends, we’re all adults here. This isn’t some tricked out Disney movie, and it’s certainly not the twilight zone. We might be rare, but we’re not magicians. We know that 25th or 26th hour isn’t going magically appear one day. Set an intention and Nike the s*** out of life. JUST DO IT.

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