Backstreets back, back again.

But seriously. We know it’s been awhile since we’ve blogged but consider this our (late) resolution to blog (semi) regularly.

Now lets talk playlists.

One thing we try to do monthly/every other month, is update our playlists to keep things new, and current. We get a lot of compliments on our music and it only seems fair that we let you know that you don’t have to wait to come to class to hear your fave songs. You can find our playlists on each of our Spotify accounts! But because we love you, we’re gonna share a few of them below and you can take it from there. Hashtag you’re welcome.

First up is Shelby’s Yin playlist. Listen and imagine you’re in class stretching and breathing it all out.

You guys. We’re kind of obsessed with Victoria’s Cap’n Marvel playlist. GIRL POWER AM I RIGHT.

Our music choices for our Vinyasa classes range from Johnnyswim to Kendrick Lamar to Weezer and beyond.

And finally, our Vin+Yin playlists are a a mix of upbeat and chill, just like the class

You can listen to the playlists above, or browse our profiles and find out what else we’re listening to.

But now we want to know, what are YOU listening to?

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