You guys, we talk about yoga poses and movement and being active and we even share recipes like clockwork on Wednesdays, but for a variety of reasons, we don’t openly talk about nutrition a lot. Today, though, we’re going to just let it all hang out. We’re going to open that can of whatever it is and let our freak flags fly.

We rare birds, we’re not 100% paleo or vegan or vegetarian or gluten-free or keto or whatever other new buzzword will be floating around by this time next month…We don’t like labels anyway (Because we’re so unique and all…lol). We’re just fed up with diet culture and what it tries to tell us about ourselves and what it’s trying to teach our children and our teenagers and women and society in general.

We come from places full of struggle with body image and self-confidence and unhealthy relationships with food. And to be completely transparent, we have days where those old thoughts come crashing in like some crazy tsunami out of nowhere. But, that’s ok. Because we’ve got a solid foundation to stand on. And we’ve got each other. A little community throwing out life preservers left and right. We’re all here, just trying to figure this out as we go along…

And we’re in this for the long haul. Not for 3 weeks or 30 days or 80 days. Not for an outfit or an event or a swimsuit. We’re in this for life. Taking it one day at a time. Learning and growing. Forming healthy habits, encouraging one another, loving ourselves, and making conscious choices to consume the things we do, not because it’s on an eat or do not eat list or a certain diet plan, but because it makes us feel good and healthy and strong. We’re focused on fueling our bodies properly, without a lot of refined sugars, processed foods and mystery ingredients. But, (GASP) we’re not perfect.

So, when you see us at Copper Pot hittin’ up that BOGO deal or you catch us in Ingles with a pint of Talenti, hold off on that side-eye. Sure, we’ll smile and nod at your “I wish I could eat like that and look like you” comments. We’re not going to stop and explain to you that we don’t eat like this everyday. Because even when our shopping carts are full of kale, we’ll still get the “No wonder you look like that, all you eat is celery” with a giggle.

Y’all, we’re just trying our best to live a life of balance and moderation. Most of the time, that includes kale. But, sometimes, we throw a little pizza and ice cream in the mix.

Be purposeful this week about noticing how certain foods make you feel. Get out of your comfort zone and make some new healthy choices. Set a healthy goal for yourself and shoot for it, getting better every single day. Not for a swimsuit or a beach trip or a season. But, for your life. For your health. For your well-being. For your future.

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  • Thanks for this! I noticed a while back when a friend who follows a popular diet that she referred to her behavior as “good” or “bad” in regards to food. Now, her system seems to work for her, its her path and that cool, but I realized that I was using the same words. And it doesn’t work for me. As soon as I label it bad, how can it turn out any other way? Its a choice. I love food, love love love it! So I seem to do better being mindful of each choice, giving room for a variety of them. This is a great article and a positive reminder to not be hard on ourselves.

    • Yes, exactly! It’s so incredibly important to be mindful and make healthy choices, but all while being kind to ourselves. The words we use matter!


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