We love community. And if you’ve been to yoga in a group environment, you know we modify things and show you some nifty advanced options and all that jazz. But, imagine resident yogi guru extraordinaire, Sandie, creating an entire session tailored to your body and your needs and your level. GET ON THAT LEVEL (AMIRITE?!)

Maybe you’re a total beginner, or you’re nervous to try new classes (or any class that’s outside of your norm), or you don’t know what to expect for your first class or what you’re even capable of. Maybe you’ve become aware of some weaknesses that need a little extra work. Or maybe you’ve been with us a while and you’re itching for a serious challenge. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, some one-on-one time with Sandie will be a serious game-changer in your yoga practice.

Use the appointments tab in the MINDBODY app to book your private session with Sandie, then she’ll just shoot a quick questionnaire your way, so she can design a personalized session to fit your specific needs.

And you birds know how we roll…(or fly)…if you have any questions or need help booking, just shoot us an email!

All hour-long private sessions are $40.
**Packages featuring multiple private sessions at a discounted rate are also available.**