We like to think of our Relax To The Max class as an adult nap time of sorts. We give you blankets and bolsters (basically a big pillow) and let you prop yourselves up and drift off into a blissful relaxation. And while we’ve already established that yoga is for everyone. Yoga is also for everywhere. Even your bed right before you fall to sleep. We’re going to give you 6 restorative yoga poses you can do before bed to make your sleepy time come even more peacefully. So put on your favorite relaxation music and treat yo self.

*Hold each of these poses for 5-7 minutes.

*You don’t need yoga props to do these poses. No blocks? No problem, grab some books from around your house and stack them up. We don’t imagine that everyone has a big bolster laying around, but we do like to imagine that everyone has a few pillows. Put those bad boys to good use with the poses below.

1. Supported Child’s Pose

You’re going to start by sitting on your feet and taking your knees wide. You can either bring your pillows right in between you and lay down across them, or if you’d like to prop yourself up a bit you can stack a few books and prop your pillows on that and then lay down out over them. Let your body be completely heavy.

2. Supported Twist

This is one of our favorite restorative postures. Using your pillows you are going to turn to one side and have your legs going at a 90 degree angle to the side. Pull your pillows right up against the hip opposite of the direction of your legs. Begin to twist out over your pillows as you walk yourself down, eventually coming to lay down. Keep the twist going by turning your head, or keep your head looking in the direction you’re facing. Take on the opposite side.

3. Supported Bridge

Stack your pillows and place them right underneath your low back/sacrum area. Your shoulder blades, shoulders, and head should be resting on the floor. Extend your legs out in front of you (if this is uncomfortable keep your legs bent and feet on the floor).

4. Supported Fish Pose

Bring your pillows and place them under beneath your shoulder blades. Begin to lay back onto your pillows, opening your chest. You can rest your head on the floor or you can bring pillows under your head depending on what feels comfortable.

5. Supported Bound Angle Pose

Keeping your pillows underneath your shoulder blades, shoulders, and head. Bring the soles of your feet together coming into butterfly pose. Begin to lay back, keeping your knees open and resting your torso on your pillows. If this is intense for your knees you can place books or props under your knees to allow them to rest and ease some tension.

6. Legs Up The Wall

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Bring your self to face the wall, slide yourself all the way up to where you are touching the wall. Lift your legs up and allow them to rest against the wall as your torso rests on the floor.


Now go get your relax on. You can thank us later.


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