Yoga is for the self-proclaimed couch potato. The former football player. The skeptic. The dancer. The boxer. The frazzled mom. Janet who’s never worked out in her life. The perfectionist. The runner. The husband. The professional stresser-outer. The gymnast. The mom-jeans-wearer. The college student. The grandmother. Susan who can’t touch her toes. The artist. The geek. The dreamer. The believer. YOU.

Yoga is for everyone. Every shape. Every size. Every color. Every origin. Every socioeconomic status. Every gender. Every age. Every religion. Every personality. Every bit of every thing.

Every single imperfect person…is perfect for yoga.

Dear one, please don’t think you have to walk in our studio donning some fancy new, ridiculously expensive yoga pants and be super agile and flexible and ready to touch your toes and flip upside down. We’re not going to point you out. Everyone isn’t looking at you to see if you know what pigeon is. We won’t all belly laugh when you start to wobble trying to hold a warrior 3 (because we’re all wobbling too). There’s no judgement here. We all have our strengths…And we all have weaknesses. We’re all here for different reasons, but we’re all here to trying to get better. Yoga is a journey. A journey where practice makes progress.

Join us on the mat throughout the week to practice and progress with your fellow locals, where it’s a little like Cheers. We all know your name. Except there’s no beer…and we’re awkward as all get out. 🙂

So, come as you are. But, don’t be surprised when you leave a little different than you came…

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