I mean, let’s be real. In many of our classes here, a child’s pose comes right after some kind of intense work or flow. A series of planks or goddess squats or just a really long, difficult hold. You hear the instructor even begin to sound out the first syllable and your knees hit the ground. We know how you roll. We see you.

We know how good it feels to press our hips down toward our heels and stretch out our arms and let our foreheads sink into our mats and let our muscles rest after some really hard work. We readily welcome child’s pose when we need a break. We even see it as a reward…And rightfully so. It’s a resting pose. A working, resting pose…

    • A child’s pose done right stretches your hips and thighs and even ankles.
    • A child’s pose is effective in stretching out all the muscles and tendons and ligaments in your knees.
    • A child’s pose simultaneously relaxes the muscles in the front of your body while stretching out the muscles toward the back.
    • A child’s pose is a great way to find some relief in your back and shoulders.
    • A child’s pose is a perfect way to slow your breathing and bring your breath to a steady pace after a lot of work.
    • A child’s pose can normalize circulation while calming your body and mind.

When we talk about yoga being a full mind/body workout, we mean it. It’s not easy to balance and plank and hold and breathe and move and balance and hold again. It’s challenging for your body. And it’s challenging for your mind.

A child’s pose can reign everything back in just when you feel like you’re going to lose it. Just when you feel like you can’t take anymore.

A child’s pose can soothe and relieve and slowly bring you to a steady rhythm in the chaos.

If I could see the world
Thru the eyes of a child
What a wonderful world this would be
There’d be no trouble and no strife
Just a big happy life
With a bluebird in every tree
-Patsy Cline, If I Could See the World

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