It is officially summer, or as we like to call it, everyone and their sister Sally is on vacation. We know that when you’re out of town, any semblance of a schedule or routine goes out the window, and sometimes that makes fitting in a few moments of exercise difficult.

If you’re short on time and you aren’t feeling those creative juices flowing, you can go through a few simple sun salutations.

Sun Salutations are a great way to get your heart rate up but it also combines strength and flexibility and the repetitive motion can become like a moving meditation for you.

For Sun Salutation A:

-Begin standing at the top of your mat

-Inhale your arms up over your head

-Exhale and fold forward

-Inhale to lift your chest, bringing your hands onto your shins with a flat back

-Exhale to fold forward planting your hands and stepping/hopping back to plank or chaturanga

-Inhale as you lower through to cobra or upward facing dog

-Exhale your way back to downward facing dog

-Take 5 breaths here

-Step or hop to the front of your mat

-Repeat as many times as you feel like it

Another great thing about Sun Salutations is that they can become the blocks on which you build a short practice. So if you’re feeling feisty maybe you add in a chair pose, warrior 2, or some side planks. Get creative and make your practice your own. Just remember to always make time for stretching even if it’s as simple as some forward folds, or pigeon pose. And of course, end in Savasana.

You may not know this, but vacationing with kids can be less of a vacation and more of making sure all the little people make it home alive, which can be stressful.

So take a few moments each morning, midday, or night and meditate. It doesn’t have to be anything long and intense. Just think of 3 things your thankful for, or 3 things you love about yourself and dwell on that. Let everything else fall to the side. Taking a few moments each day to meditate can help cultivate a feeling of gratitude.

You can also check out our latest blog here for some ready made playlists to go along with your workout. Of course we can’t go without including a shameless plug to download the MindBody app onto your phone. Not only do you use it to book your fav classes at Rare Bird, but when travelling you can use it to search yoga/fitness studios near you and book your classes there too.

You can download the app here.

Happy vacationing!

*Picture credit goes to one of our clients, Taylor Kolesnick, who plants a tree and digs her roots in deep wherever she goes.

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