We think of ourselves as a family at the studio. A community. A collective group of people who are cheering each other on. 

One of our favorite things to experience is when a new person comes in, unrolls their mat and quietly sits down, and you hear one of our more regular clients say “Is this your first time? What’s your name?”, and you see a connection being born. You see a friendship being made that might never go beyond the 4 walls of this room, but it’s a friendship that will laugh when you fall down, a friendship that says “oh me too!” when you’re out there feeling like the only one.

Look. We don’t expect you to find your Golden Girls squad here. We’re not asking you to pick your bridesmaids or a new godparent for your child. But there’s something beautiful about starting something new together. Or being the one who makes someone new feel at ease. 

We are the studio owners. But you guys turn this place into a home. You turn this place into a safe space. A space where people can vent about their child not listening, or their job being hard, or their balance being off, or the millions of other things we experience on a daily basis.

Going to your first fitness class by yourself is intimidating, and it can be scary. But we don’t want our studio to be scary. We want you to be able to shed that layer that says you need to be perfect. Laugh. Fall. Cry. Dance. Confuse your lefts and your rights. But don’t ever feel like you don’t belong. 

If you’re a regular at our studio, reach out to that new person. Chances are you both are going to be falling out of a tree pose, or hating those planks together. Form a friendship. Make someone feel welcomed. 

You belong here. Welcome home. 

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