You may have noticed we don’t have any Summer beach bod specials or bikini season marketing campaigns we’re running. Or maybe you haven’t noticed at all. Either way…There’s a reason we don’t center our marketing around bikini season or getting beach ready or having that body you’ve always wanted…

Because, first and foremost, we want you to embrace the beauty that already exists in you. Embrace the work of art that you already are.

As long as you are breathing, you have a beach-ready body.

You are not the sum of your outside parts. Your wobbly bits (or lack thereof) do not define you. The numbers or letters, single or double, inside the garments that cover your body on a daily basis do not determine your worth.

Now, while you’re in all your feelings and embracing every single aspect that is YOU, know, dear one, that it’s ok to actually work on you. To want to become better and healthier and stronger and more centered every day. You can see your worth and enoughness and still be a work in progress. Love yourself to more. Growing and changing and bettering. Every day.

Friend, love yourself for who you are. Not for what you look like or for what you wear, what you eat, or how much you weigh. Love you for YOU. For who you are at your core. In your heart and soul. For the way you feel and love. For the way you show kindness and compassion. For the way you change this world with your actions and your heart. For the way you persevere. You are a champion.

Also, we’re not even going to talk about how we just titled a blog post with Justin Bieber lyrics. Ok, bye.


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